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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NameReel?

We are a premium domain name direct seller. We believe that buying a good name for your business should be easy. Therefore, there are no overhead costs from commissions, no communication roadblocks and no changes of mind from third party sellers. Our collection is carefully selected so we can offer you a brandable .com name, that is short, meaningful and can stand out in customers mind.

What do I get?

Your domain name ownership. Plain and simple. There are no leasing or recurrent costs. To keep your ownership, though, you will need to renew your domain registration yearly, with a domain registrar. This can be done with any registrar of your choice.

How do I buy?

To start, simply make your best offer and if it comes close to our target price, we'll accept it. Then, we'll ask you for your billing information to send you the invoice and payment information. We accept all major credit cards (through PayPal; for amounts up to US$3,000) and wire transfers. As soon as your payment is cleared, we'll ask you for your new name servers and we point your new domain there, so you can start using it right away.

How do you set the price for a domain?

It all comes down to assessing that name's desirability. We take into account the number of letters, the meaning of words, ease of pronunciation and business potential, as well as comparables on the market. Based on that, we can set a target price that varies from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Can I transfer the domain to a different registrar?

Yes. In order to prevent fraud, you can do so after 60 days from your purchase. At the end of this period, we'll send you a reminder that you can transfer your domain at any time. We make sure that your domain registration doesn't expire during the 60 day period.

Are your domains protected by trademark rights?

Our domains can be used for a variety of businesses and industries, all over the world. Therefore, it's impossible to know in advance specifics about the use of the name that would be required in a trademark application.

We encourage you to talk to a lawyer for any legal advice regarding trademarks. You can also do some research about active trademarks here, here or here.

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About Us

NameReel is a collection of domain names for startups, built with love by ALRUX Inc., a software development company based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

As a startup ourselves, we know that products with a good name are more successful and easier to sell to potential partners, investors and customers. Unfortunately, finding that perfect name has always been a struggle, especially in the past few years.

We believe that buying a good name should be easier and straight forward. You shouldn't go through frustrating auctions, spend time in lengthy negotiations with third party owners, paying for bundled logos that you don't need, or swallowing 30% overhead in commissions.

That's why our hand-picked portfolio saves you time searching. And, as we do all the hard work assessing the fair value of a name, when you put in an offer with us, the answer is a simple yes or no.

We hope that one of our domain names will find a good home with your startup. And when you hear people saying that they love your name, we wouldn't mind you telling them it's from us ;)

The ALRUX Team